Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Pink Saturday Again

Wow, did Pink Saturday arrive again quickly. Thank you Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting this for all of us. For this weeks pink it's time for a walk down memory lane. This is my daughter wearing my 1984 prom gown with her pink boa. I know, I know, my age is showing but I just couldn't resist sharing this with you all.
I hope you enjoy.
Happy Pink Saturday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pink Saturday

I have joined Pink Saturday (organized by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound). The idea is for me to do a post with a pink theme on Saturdays. Initially I thought this would just be a fun thing to participate in, I then realized what a challenge this is going to be. Not that it will not be fun as well, it will just be fun in a challenging sort of way. Here's where the challenge comes in; my house is pink deprived. No, really. I am talking, the absence of pink. A big pink void. As I look around my house, almost everything is in earthtones, browns, creams, whites, etc., so this should be interesting. So here is my pink for this, my very first Pink Saturday:

My daughter and I found this apron at the thrift store a couple months ago. Isn't it the most amazing thing? Don't you dream of a slower time when even aprons were made to be works of art?
As you can see by the photo, I did find something pink, ok, so maybe there isn't a total absence, just a shortage. I'll have to work on that.