Monday, November 24, 2008

Why I'm Thankful for Emu's - Do you have Rosacea?

First I want to say, I make no money from promoting this product, nor am I a friend or family member of anyone from the company.

I am just an extremely happy customer and would like to pass on some help that was passed on to me.

See, I have rosacea. REALLY BAD.
I had worst rosacea than just about anyone I had ever seen. It was like a mask on my entire face and my whole face was raised and red and dry, with peeling, sores , and on and on. It was absolutely horrible. I wish I had a before photo. It got to the point I didn't want to go out because everyone who saw me asked, "what is wrong with your face?" One day we went to buy a new vehicle. The man that owned the place said

"I don't mean to pry but is that rosacea you're dealing with?".

He told me he had really bad rosacea , but looking at him, I couldn't see a trace of it.
Up to this point, I had tried some different all natural / herbal things because that is normally the first route I try for any healing and normally have great success but not this time. Also, the doctor had given me some prescriptions to antibiotic creams which I never filled because I just couldn't see putting antibiotics on my face every single day...... forever. I also had cut chocolate out of my diet (thank you God it wasn't the chocolate), and had tried cutting some other things out of my diet. Nothing helped. So this man tells me he tried lots of things also and he prefers natural things (same here) and he gave me the name of this cream.

It is from Vermont Prime Emu Producers
They have many products but if you are dealing with rosacea you specifically want the one called Blemish Control.
I am here to tell you this cream is AMAZING.
I not only don't have any sign of rosacea but my skin is nicer than it has EVER been, and there is nothing in the ingredients that I can't pronounce. It at first seems a bit pricy but it really does last as long as they say (and I'm using it on my entire face). I would say it ends up working out to around $10.00 per month which to me is a small price to pay for my self confidence which had sunk to an all time low. The product says to give it a few weeks to work, and although I did see an improvement in that time, it took me longer to get to the point my skin is at now, and it has maintained. I have an occasional small break out (pimple) but nothing like before. I have found that after you get things under control, if you skip a day from time to time it is fine. I first purchased the smaller size to try it out but have since ordered the larger size. If they ever go out of business, I am going to have to get myself some emu's.
Thank you Vermont Prime Emu Producers!!!


SilverSunbeam said...

What wonderful news! If the moist air of the east doesn't fix my skin I'll be ordering some too!

Swedie said...

Thanks, I've had rosacea for a long time and have the hardened bumps on my nose, cheeks and forehead. Hope this will help.