Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Handmade Christmas Gifts

As promised here are some photos of some of the things I made for Christmas gifts this year.

These are pins which I made for a few of the ladies on my gift list.

Here is the set of garden markers which I made for my brother. I trekked to our creek through 2 feet of snow and stood in the icy water (after breaking through the ice on the edge) with my boots on to get these rocks. My brother has been gardening with his daughter who is a Veggie Tales fan so I included the characters on the markers. After I painted them I sprayed them with polyurethane. The only one I wasn't completely happy with was the "peas" one because I think it sort of looks like a pepper. I included with this gift a number of garden related items, gloves, clippers etc.

This is the Bible cover I made for my husband. I made it from black leather which I had been given.

Other gifts I made this year:
  • Handwoven scarf for my mom woven from llama fleece which I spun.
  • Notecards made with some adorable images I found in an old book.
  • Skirt for my daughter made from a gorgeous curtain I purchased at the thrift store and a pink sheet. The skirt is very much princess attire.
  • Button flower hair clips for the little girls on my list.


MamaCakes said...

The Bible cover is such a nice gift. I am sure it is so very appreciated!

Great gifts...
angora hand spun......oh my!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Wow! I'm very impressed. You really went all out for your family this year with your handmade gifts! I know they just loved them :)