Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pink Saturday

It's that time again, it's Pink Saturday.

I have to tell you how much my girls love Pink Saturday.
So, for this weeks edition of pink, I let them be in control. Actually, my oldest daughter says she always wants to choose the pink. So here's what they chose for this week:
This is a hair clip that my daughter made

And this is a photo of my other daughter in the outfit I put together for her for a Christmas gift. I mentioned this skirt in a prior post, I made it for her from a curtain and a sheet. (I didn't make the top).

If you want to see more lovely pinkness, head on over to How Sweet the Sound to get the links to all those who have participated in this week's Pink Saturday. Thanks Beverly.

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!


Chatelaine said...

Your daughter is so sweet. Love the outfit and the beautiful hair decoration!

Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Susan said...

Cute little girl!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Connie said...

Oh thank you, honey, for visiting with me on pink saturday. You have some adorable little girls. You don't have where you live, sweetpea. Where in the world are you???? Happy PS,

Deanna said...

Hi Shelley!
Love what the girls picked for Pink Saturday!

Have a great Pink Saturday!
Deanna :D

Terri and Bob said...

What a fabulous picture! I love kids, I am in education, too! Thank you for visiting me on my first PS!

Sit-N-Chat said...

How pretty. Daughters are so sweet.
And I do join you in praying for rain.
And for revival.


Mimi said...

You have such sweet daughters! It was fun to see them all dressed up. Thanks for sharing them with us this Saturday.

Dawn said...

How cute and how fun they enjoy pink Saturday!

vintagewindow said...

awwwwww' how cute.

Happy PS


Cori G. said...

Your daughter looks like a little princess in her dress. I think that's one thing we never grow out of...playing dress up.

Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Shelia said...

Hi and it's so nice to meet you! Oh, I love your Pinkness today. Your daughter is so cute and her little dress is just so girly! I love it. The hair bow is precious too! Have a blessed weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

What a beautiful skirt on a beautiful girl! Happy Pink Day!

CC said...

I love the outfit and the hair clip. Both are lovely..and your daughter is just beautiful. Happy belated Pink Saturday and have a great week.